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about our team

Alon Tamir

  • Full Actuar on behalf of the Israeli Actors Association F.IL.A.A

  • Actuary in Israeli Pool Insurance company 

  • Actuarial advice to various entities such as companies and insurance agencies, insurtech, Reinsurance broker

  • Lecturer at Netanya Academic College

  • Conduct an actuarial opinion to divorce, wage losses and torts


  • B.A in Economics and Business Administration from Ben Gurion University

  • M.A in Actuarial science at the University of Haifa

  • M.A in Actuary science at the University of Kent in England


  • Actuary - analyst at EY

  • Actuary in pool insurance company

Ayelet Doron

  • Economist with extensive experience

  • Actuary Assistant

  • Student M.A in Actuary at Haifa University

  • B.A in Economics and Management at Open University

  • 7 years experience in budget work program and standardization of communication

Barak Oron


  • Streamlining computerized cyber processes

  • Assemble computational systems and tools for end users

  • A bioinformatician in a cancer research lab

  • Student BA in Mathematics and Computer Science at Open University

  • Developer in the python, self-learning, data analytics, databases, and skills in Linux

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